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It was a great pleasure working with you on your mortgage, I am glad everything worked out well and congrats on this next step!  Your business and trust are appreciated and respected, thank you.

On-line Google and Facebook reviews from my satisfied clients mean the world to me. Your word also helps other people during their research phase, find the right mortgage provider to represent them, so they too, can access professional and objective mortgage advice to secure their financial interests in the Canadian mortgage market.  

I am hoping maybe you can help me, if you could please provide your Google & Facebook review on your experience working with me ; just click the links below and complete:

Google: Google Review – CLICK to leave review

Facebook: Facebook Review – CLICK to leave review

Posted reviews will earn a special gift (value up to $150).

As your Mortgage Agent, I am here to help you make the most of your real estate holdings and our Canadian Banking System; my expert knowledge and access to the wider Canadian mortgage market can guide you to increasing your net worth and overall quality of life. 

Please advise me of any material changes in your life:

  • Employment
  • Matrimonial changes
  • Coming into large amounts of money
  • Family deaths or births

 When your maturity date on your mortgage comes due, prior, we will review your application and we will discuss if the wider mortgage market has better offers available versus your existing lender’s renewal offer to you. 

Thank you again for your valued business and trust and have a great day! 

PS. Do not forget to join our exclusive Community Incentive Program! Every time you successfully endorse my services to a friend, family member or colleague who closes their mortgage through us, you will earn $250.

Also my partnership with Niagara Health allows (5%) of my gross revenue be divested back into Niagara Health Foundation to ensure we all have a strong and safe community to live in. It is thanks to people like you, that we have been able to raise over $30,000 to date, your mortgage makes a difference right where you live! 

Kind regards,

Cam Wilson BA., IFIC | Mortgage Agent 

Dominion Lending Centres Canuck Mortgage Group 

Partner(s) of Niagara Health Foundation

Hamilton Health Sciences Foundation 


“We appreciate your business!” 

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