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Hello, my name is Cameron and I’m here to help you get the mortgage you need with the least possible hassle and red tape at the best possible rate. This is something I’m passionate about and I have the right lending partners and extensive experience in making this a reality for my clients.

Remember, I work for you, not the bank or the lending partner. When you work directly with the bank, they’re going to find ways to maximize their profit. When you work with me, I find ways to minimize your expense!

Additionally, I represent dozens of lenders willing to work with all sorts of individuals in all sorts of situations. Maybe you have poor credit in your history or maybe you’re self-employed with unverifiable income? I can help! Or maybe it’s just your first time buying a home and you don’t want to be taken advantage of? I can help!

Pick up the phone and give me a call. I’m a friendly guy and happy to have a conversation about your needs.


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Some Of Our Lending Partners

Our lending partners are Canada’s leading Banks, Credit Unions, Trust Companies and Monoline Lenders.

Cam is one of the kindest most honest and knowledgeable people in the industry. He keeps me and my family informed and happy with his excellent quality of service. He never lets me down, and always inspires the best in the people around


Stop looking. You’ve just found your broker! He knows his stuff and helped up invest in ourselves. He is always available to contact and super easy to speak with. He really wants the best for you!


Cam is an Awesome Mortgage broker!!
He explained everything to us good and bad, took his time to show us if we didn’t quite understand and Answer all of our questions. He also Worked around our crazy schedule and answered any other


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Available via Telephone: Monday To Sunday 8 am To 10 pm
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Lowest rates for (IRD) penalties in Canada

We can help you avoid thousands of dollars in penalty fees for breaking your mortgage before the maturity date of your mortgage term.  Often times people break their mortgage early because they move and rent after, refinancing, divorce, job loss, sickness, lower rates, investment opportunity and other curveballs and immediate needs that life throws at us.

We are Canada’s #1 mortgage company

We understand that buying a home is one of the most exciting times in one’s life. We also understand that is can also be a very comprehensive one.

On a yearly basis, Dominion Lending Centres assists more than 100,000 Canadian’s place their mortgage with confidence and trust with Canada’s foremost lenders, saving them thousands of dollars on their mortgage.

We are Canada’s largest mortgage provider, including major banks, with more than $70 billion in mortgages provided annually to Canadian’s, just like you!

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