Niagara Regional – Community Mortgage Plan

Great having our community come together in support of the Niagara Regional – Community Mortgage Plan. The ceremonial launch of this new program was christened by Mayor Walter Sendzik, Regional Councillor’s Sandie Bellows and Leanna Villella and CEO of Niagara Health Foundation, Roger Ali.


We invite all of Niagara’s mortgage holders to participate in this program and help in building a wealthier and healthier, Niagara! As an independent mortgage agent, I work for the consumer, not the financial institution. Client’s who participate through the Niagara Regional – Community Mortgage Plan save thousands of dollars on their mortgage.


We are committed to bringing you highly competitive rates and truly professional service. Mr. Wilson, chose to work as an independent mortgage agent, instead of working for a financial institution because his obligations are to his clients, not the financial institution. By tailoring your mortgage, according to your needs, his clients are able to save thousands of dollars on their mortgage. If they had gone to their own financial institution, they can only be offered the products from that institution. There is a popular myth that exists, that many people believe true – a mortgage agent, is the person you go to for bad credit when the major financial institution declines your file. That is incorrect. Working through the Niagara Regional – Community Mortgage Plan, for any person seeking a mortgage, is a prudent financial decision and we advise all members of the public to learn, personally, how many policies go unnoticed in the institutional setting and the extensive savings you can realise working through this Program.


Surprisingly, Hospitals in Niagara, like all Ontario hospitals, receive no funding from the government, through our tax dollars, for medical equipment (x-ray machines, patient beds, CT scanners, defibrillators, heart monitors, etc). This concerned us of course, as we are residents of Niagara and are also reliant on Hospitals for our health needs. Unfortunately, with an ageing and expanding population and the Provincial Government being over $350,000,000,000 in debt, well, this is cause for alarm and action because government is charged with providing us with life saving services that require money to meet public demand for service. It is a serious situation for us. We saw a solution and decided to create the Niagara Regional – Community Mortgage Plan.


Through this program, 5% of the gross revenue generated through the Niagara Regional – Community Mortgage Plan, is directed to Niagara Health Foundation to assist in obtaining the medical equipment needed, that protects our families, here in Niagara. With the residential mortgage market in Niagara, representing over an estimated, $26,800,000,000/year in annual mortgage volume for brokers and bankers; our clients make all the difference in the world – thank you! It is very important to give back to people in the community you work in.

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