Saving for retirement

When it comes to saving for retirement most experts suggest that you have funds that are saved in two types of accounts, one that grows tax-deffered with pretax income and one that you have paid taxes on that allows for funds to be withdrawn tax-free. One of the ways of accomplishing the later is through a Roth IRA.

The Roth IRA was created in 1997 through the Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997 and named after the late Senator William Roth who was the vocal proponent and chief legislative sponsor of bill. The Roth IRA was established as a means for the government to encourage savings and now is used as a vehicle to save for retirement with advantages that can not be received through the traditional IRA. Listed below are reasons why you might want to consider establishing and contributing to a ROTH IRA as part of your financial plan.

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1. Age doesn't mean a thing, you can contribute no matter your age as long as you have earned income.

It's very easy to open a Roth through your bank on your own, or you can talk to your financial advisor about establishing one for you. It's simple and easy all you need to get started with the paperwork are your Social Security number, your employer's name and address, your checking or savings account number and bank routing number. There also is no age limit so no matter how young or old you are, as long as you have earned income you can participate.

2. You are allowed to withdraw Roth IRA contributions whenever you want, tax- and penalty-free.

The beauty of the Roth IRA is that you have already paid taxes on the money that you contribute to your account, so you can withdraw the money you have contributed to without paying taxes whenever you want, making the account extremely liquid.

3. Roth withdrawals in retirement are tax-free if certain conditions are met.

If you start saving early as you should be (the high cost of waiting) odds are you will be receiving a lower income while young and that your income will increase over time as well as your tax bracket. This being the case you will be better off paying taxes upfront now as opposed to later on withdrawals as in a traditional IRA.

"The greatest wealth is created by paying taxes when the rates are lowest," writes a financial planner in "Roth vs. traditional: The four factors that determine which is best" on his Nerd's Eye View blog. "If rates are low today and higher in the future e.g., for the young worker, or someone in-between jobs go with the Roth and pay taxes at today's low rates."

4.You can withdraw up to $10,000 of earnings to buy your first house, tax- and penalty-free, if account has been open for at least five years.

5. You have more time to maximize the contributions to your account.

Instead of the traditional 12-month time period you are allotted for contributions to your traditional and 401(k) accounts. The Roth IRA allows for contributions to be contributed all the way until tax day of the following year.

6. You have more investment options to choose from than the traditional company plan offers.

Generally company plans are limited in regards to investment options selected by employer. With a Roth IRA, you are free to invest in stocks, bonds, certificates of deposit, mutual funds, exchange-traded funds and more, allowing you create an appropriately diversified portfolio.

7. There is no required minimum distribution age or amount.

With a 401k or traditional IRA, you'll typically have to make annual required minimum distributions (RMDs) once you turn 70. Not so with a Roth IRA.

8. You can leave your Roth IRA funds to your beneficiary.

You can pass on your funds after you die, and "heirs get to receive this money in annual or lump-sum distributions in the same tax-free way that you would have," writes financial planner Frances St. Onge in the post "Why invest in the Roth IRA?" at the All Things Financial Planning Blog. "By contrast, if they receive your 401k or IRA as an inheritance, they will have to pay taxes on the amount withdrawn each year, just like you did."

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