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Back at Jeremy & Amanda's place after an extremely long day, much of which was spent at Red's in West Edmonton Mall. A good night for Mongoose in the $ department, but we played like crap.

But first, let me try to recall earlier in the day starting off with breakfast at (the highly recommended eatery) Caf Mosaics once again (on Whyte Ave between 108th & 109th St.). After getting the good guy discount from Audrey and co., we visited a music store called Lillo's, where I successfully resisted pulling out my credit card and buying another Ghost bass drum pedal and a 60's era Slingerland Weather King snare drum, 13"x4" in sparkle silver. I'm pining for it now. Instead I bought the new felts and wing nuts needed for my cymbal stand. We also had to gawk at Vic's lovely collector pieces - a 1920's era Black Beauty snare drum, a 50's era Telecaster, a fine Jaguar from '66 or so and more. Like I said, I kept the credit card in my pocket, but was reminded of the old days when we used to trade stuff in places like this.

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Next off we went to West Edmonton Mall, a gargantuan structure outdone by few shopping centers in the world in sheer size (and absurdity). We did the obligatory wander around gawking at the excess, but as I'd been there before it paled after about five minutes. We visited the water park complete with wave beach, and found the ice rink home to a crew taking down what was left of a big squash tournament held there earlier in the week.

Shockker and RC were handing out stickers, handbills, and fridge magnets to everyone in some sick competition for who can be most shameless. I also scored a new set of rotors for Clem's zoom 'copter from the Greek dudes demonstrating them on a lower level of the mall. We watched them for a long time hoping to be able to grab one out of mid air as they launched them up at us, but alas, they really do work like boomerangs and we're always just out of reach.

"WHUp Aaahh...Always comes back..."

We loaded in and since Superbeing had not shown up yet, soundchecked and ate. Red's is this cavernous complex with a bowling alley of like 20 lanes upstairs, another 20 or so pool tables, a video arcade, restaurant, and a stage area which seats I don't know how many but is normally occupied by bands like Matthew Good, Bif Naked, Ween, or George Thorogood...

Somehow people actually showed up, and I got to finally meet Glenn of Does Everyone Stare in person. Superbeing pulled off a polished set of tight modern rock complete with fog machine and choreographed moves. I actually met Dan, the drummer, playing road hockey in the Dixie Cup league two years ago, so it was fun to see him play (and boy does he play the drums hard - I had to creep up onto the riser and spread the legs of a cymbal stand wider because it was threatening to topple with his riding on it.)

Our set started with the stage monitors off so we we're unable to hear anything each other played until half way through the first song. Shockker fell over a monitor while busting a cool guy rock move and landed on his back on top of it. We had a good laugh about that later but I think he actually was hurting for a while there. The sound on stage continued to give us trouble throughout the set but our raw performance seemed to entertain the crowd nevertheless.

Mark and Darcy from SnowSpeeders came and helped out with merch and did a great job - they run a service which brings people to and from ski/snowboard hills in a big bus. Mark told me they plan to bring a bus full to our Canmore show and said something about bringing some jibbing rails they'd made.

Halfcut was like a young Replacements tonight, and I had to admire their youthful spirit and abandon. I'm sure that in 10 years one of these guys will be a well known songwriter la Westerberg.

Oddly, once we we're finally loaded out and ready to bail (and it was a cold load out, lemme tell ya), Clayton was nowhere to be found. Shockker and I covered the entire Red's complex on both floors and still could not find him. We checked in bowling, ate chips, asked various employees, considered having him paged but the paging guy had gone home already. We finally resorted to waiting in the van outside and he showed up only moments before we left without him figuring he'd gone to stay somewhere with his buddy from tree planting. Turns out they'd found some secret spot where smoking was permitted... Hey wait a minute - didn't Clay just quit ???

On the way home, Shockker took the prize for audacity with stickers by approaching two cops having dougnuts in a Tim Horton's and offering them fridge magnets.

Jeremy made us tea at home and he and Clay jammed with organ and acoustic guitar while the rest of us (other than me writing) tried to fall asleep. Their big hit, "The Poison Has Been Taken", will no doubt be forgotten tomorrow. Now all is quiet but for the sound of the furnace and it is 4am or so so I'd better sleep as another busy day awaits tomorrow.

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