Read attachments with IMAP and PHP.

It's possible to read attachement from your Gmail account with IMAP and PHP. Using a little bit of PHP code you can connect and save the attachements and view them in a web browser.

Recently I came up with the idea that I could use a Gmail account as a place holder to store pictures sent from my cell phone. The idea was that I could take a picture with my cell phone and it would instantly show up some where, such as a website or blog. The following code can be used to do this fairly easily. Simply create a Gmail account for testing purposes and use the following code to download and view the images from your Gmail account.

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$save_path = "/tmp/";$server = "{}INBOX"$login = ""$password="SomePassword12345"$mbox = imap_open($server, $login, $password) or die("can't connect: " ,imap_last_error());$count = imap_num_msg($mbox);for($i = 1; $i <= $count; $i++) {$message = $i;$msg_header = imap_headerinfo($mbox,$message);echo "From: " . $msg_header->fromaddress . '';echo $msg_header->subject . '';echo "Image CRC32:" . crc32($msg_header->message_id) . '';$info = imap_fetchstructure($mbox, $message);$numparts = count($info->parts);if ($numparts > 1) {$pcount=1;foreach ($info->parts as $part) {if ($part->subtype == "JPEG") {$filename = crc32($msg_header->message_id) . ".jpg"$binfile=imap_fetchbody($mbox,$message,2);savePic($filename,$binfile);echo ""}elseif ($part->subtype == "PNG") {$filename = crc32($msg_header->message_id) . ".png"$binfile=imap_fetchbody($mbox,$message,2);savePic($filename,$binfile);echo "";}else{//echo "No attachment found.";}$pcount++;}} else {//Do nothing.}}function savePic($filename,$binfile){global $save_path;$binfile = imap_base64($binfile);$fp=fopen($save_path. $filename,"w+");fwrite($fp,$binfile);fclose($fp);$image = new SimpleImage();$image->load($save_path. $filename);$image->resizeToWidth(450);$image->save($save_path. $filename);}

And that's it!

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