Debt Free is the New Sexy

Have you ever thought of what it would be like to be debt free? To be able to sleep at night knowing that your house is paid for, your car is paid for, and that no one has any claims to any of your property? For most people that isn't a reality until retirement, but for some people, that is a reality that occurs on a whim because of smart decisions, and a true desire to experience the feeling of living debt free. Network marketing and this simple 3-step process are the true answer to experiencing the new sexy of being debt free!

Here are a couple of simple steps that will allow you to be debt free before you know it:

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Step 1 - Create a Plan and Begin Executing

Start off by listing all of your debts, in order from smallest to largest (for example, car loan before house mortgage). Depleting individual debts in order from smallest to largest provides a greater sense of gratification than if you work through the list when they are unordered or are ordered from largest to smallest. Now, pay off your first (and smallest) debt on that list.

Step 2 - Continue Rewriting Your List

After you pay off your first debt, rewrite your list that you wrote in step 1, in the same order but excluding the debt which you just paid off. Rewriting this list allows you to see your progress, and it registers better within your brain, and offers an enhanced sense of accomplishment. Continue to rewrite this list in the same fashion each time, and watch it continue to dwindle in length more and more as you pay off your debts and get that much closer to being debt free.

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