Lowest Rates For (IRD) in Canada.

Lowest Rates for (IRD) penalties in Canada.​

Do not pay thousands of dollars more than you need to, for breaking your mortgage before your maturity date (moving, refinancing, divorce, job loss, sickness, lower rates, investment opportunity, etc.).

Canadian mortgage holders, on average, break their mortgage over an estimated,  60% of the time, before the maturity date. When this happens, the mortgage holder incurs a financial penalty for cancelling the mortgage early.

Based on the mortgage statistics for the Niagara Region; the different method in how, (IRD) penalties, for fixed-rate mortgages, are calculated between the different types of lenders, costs Niagara’s mortgage holders over an estimated, $130,000,000/ year. These losses are unnecessary and avoidable.

Would you go to court, without a Lawyer representing your interests? Many people make the critical error of going to a Major Financial Institution, directly without professional representation; like the good folks in this article!

Experience the difference working with a professional, independent and objective, Mortgage Agent, will make in your life!

My advice will help you to avoid becoming another statistic!

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