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I was born and raised in St. Catharines  and take great pride in calling Niagara my home and my family’s home. My late Mother and Father were active in the community and my Dad, as I like to call him, was always upbeat and positive. He used to see opportunities where others didn’t.


I never knew it when I started as a mortgage agent but free market capitalism, for all the negative stigma, it does allow for choice and freedom of expression and for that, I and we should be very grateful. Money is life. I would like to create a system that allows for “consumers/you” to keep more of their money and the “market/you” supplies revenue that can be redirected into health care in Niagara. People think that a mortgage agent is the guy you go to when you have bad credit and your financial institution declines you. Incorrect. I am an expert on mortgages, a scientist. That is my skill and I want to use it to better our environment because I have to live here and MY KIDS have to grow up and live here – so we have to do what we have to do to be good parents.


The money. Who we give it to matters and what they do with it….did you know the mortgage market in Niagara represents estimated annual mortgage volume of $26,800,000,000? Utilised properly it can be used to generate revenue for local health care in Niagara and save consumers many millions of dollars – we want this, trust me. Interest payments on the Provincial Government’s debt amounts to $11,700,000,000/yr and it is going up.


There will be no money left for critical services – that would not be good. I am doing what I have to and I suggest you do the same by participating in what we are trying to accomplish, even your elected officials are on board. We are nobody’s though, people just think we are. You are the people with the money (the votes) – the customers. You are the people that matter. Please do your mortgage through this program so we have have a wealthier and healthier Niagara.


There you go. That is me.


Cameron Wilson


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