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My name is Cameron Wilson, thank you for stopping by! I was born and raised in Niagara, from St.Catharines; I appreciate the privilege of working with people and our community, in assisting Niagaran’s to grow financially. I have been blessed with great family & friends and good health throughout my life. I feel it important to pay it forward and use my knowledge and drive to benefit the people in our Region.


I am very humbled to be working with the Niagara Health Foundation, as their partner. I have been provided with an opportunity, to not only serve my client’s best financial interest by serving as an independent mortgage broker but also working in partnership with Niagara Health, to assist in creating additional funding for medical equipment, education and research for our hospitals across Niagara – through the innovative Niagara Regional – Community Mortgage Plan.


For further information on the Niagara Regional – Community Mortgage Plan and how it will benefit you as a mortgage holder and as a resident of Niagara, please CLICK HERE.


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