Niagara Regional – Community Mortgage Plan

The Niagara Regional – Community Mortgage Plan allows Niagara’s mortgage holders to save thousands on their mortgage, while helping to build a healthier Niagara!

The Niagara Regional – Community Mortgage Plan is a proud supporter of Niagara Health Foundation. Hospitals in Niagara, like all Ontario hospitals, receive no funding from the government, through our tax dollars, for patient care equipment, research and education.  Niagara Health Foundation partners with the community to raise funds for the critical needs at Niagara’s hospitals. For each mortgage we close, we donate 5% of the revenue generated back to Niagara Health Foundation to assist in obtaining the tools and equipment needed to provide extraordinary care to the residents of Niagara.


The residential mortgage market in Niagara represents, approximately $268,000,000/yr in commissions, that are available for Mortgage Brokers and Bankers and we feel the profits need to be used for purposes that are centred around maintaining our healthcare in Niagara.


Political leaders in our community, such as MPP Sam Oosterhoff and MPP Wayne Gates, discuss the chronic underfunding of our Niagara Health System. The mortgage industry is an excellent avenue to leverage, to achieve the funding goals of Niagara Health Foundation and ensure our community has access enhanced healthcare opportunities. Dominion Lending Centres Canuck Mortgage Group realizes this and wants to save you thousands of dollars on your mortgage and ensure our healthcare is the best in Ontario!


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