Niagara Regional – Community Mortgage Plan

The Niagara Regional – Community Mortgage Plan allows Niagara’s mortgage holders to save thousands on their mortgage, while helping to build a healthier Niagara!

I always thought that the Provincial Government funded the medical equipment inside hospitals in Ontario. I had no idea that Hospitals in Niagara, like all Ontario hospitals, receive no funding from the government, through our tax dollars; for medical equipment (x-ray machines, beds, bandages, CT scan, defibrillators, heart monitors, etc). This concerns me of course, as I am from and my family and I live in Niagara. Plus, the situation, with an ageing and expanding population and Governments being billions of dollars in debt. When I learned all of this, I decided to create the Niagara Regional – Community Mortgage Plan.


Through this program, 5% of the gross revenue, is directed to Niagara Health Foundation to assist in obtaining the medical equipment needed, that protects our families, here in Niagara. With Niagara’s estimated, 124,961 mortgage holders, representing over an estimated, $26,800,000,000/year, in annual mortgage volume. Niagara’s mortgage holders make all the difference in the world and truly make this program everything it is and can be – thank you! It is very important to give back to people in the community you work in.


Leaders in our community, such as MPP Sam Oosterhoff and MPP Wayne Gates, discuss the chronic under funding of our Niagara Health System. The mortgage industry is an excellent avenue to work with, to achieve the funding goals of Niagara Health Foundation and ensure our community has access to the best healthcare possible.  Our clients benefit financially through objective and expert advice and our health care is given a much needed hand through the Niagara Regional – Community Mortgage Plan.


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