How to buy a home with $5,000 and $40,000/yr income, in Niagara.

How to buy a home with $5,000 and $40,000/yr income, in Niagara.

The major news networks tell a troubling story of people, young people, being unable to access the housing market. I have a different story to tell you!

Here is a story of three young couples:

Three couples who average $40k/yr income (6 x $40k = $240k/yr).

Collectively, each couple invests only $5,000 ($15k down payment).

$300k affordability for purchase price.

$300k appreciates @ 10% YoY

By year three – property is worth around $400k  w/mortgage balance of around $270k.

Client’s refinance to 80% LTV of the property value ($320k) with a $50k equity take out.

Each couple gets around $16,500 to buy their new principal residence ($350k purchase price w/ 5% down payment) and still retain partial ownership in the previous property.

All starting with only $5,000 and a legal contract protecting each couple’s investment in the intial property, which can be signed at your Lawyer’s office.

Now you are off to the races and beginning your awesome journey on building your net worth and your nest egg for the future!


I am thankful for your time in reading this and you can contact me for advice in helping you secure your future.


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