Niagara Region – Community Mortgage Plan

Niagara Region – Community Mortgage Plan

Niagara Region – Community Mortgage Plan


The Financial Sector is extremely lucrative.

At the same time, I hear political leaders in our community, such as MPP Sam Oosterhoff and MPP Wayne Gates, discuss the chronic under funding of our Niagara Health System. It breaks my heart seeing people suffer and possibly myself or a loved one, in my opinion, needlessly, just because there is “not enough money.”

I elected to partner with the Niagara Health Foundation and we are working together in bringing Niagara, its first Community Mortgage Plan.  We are able to save our clients thousands of dollars on their mortgage needs because as a mortgage broker we  have partnerships with dozens of lenders and are expert on how their policy works,  I am protecting your interests.

We are in a unique position to leverage the Niagara mortgage market to ensure our citizens come first on their mortgage needs and our health care.


Here are a few of our lending partners:

First Ontario Credit Union   |   Meridian   |   Pen Financial

Alterna Credit Union   |   TD Canada Trust   |   Scotia Bank

MCAP   |   CMLS   |   First National   |   Equitable Bank

Home Trust   |   Equity Financial Trust   |   Niche, Private lending & Commercial.




A quick snapshot of the Niagara mortgage market (statistics are derived from Statistics Canada and CMHC):


Total mortgages outstanding in Niagara, are approximately 124,961 annually, with the average mortgage balance of $214,758.  This creates annual mortgage volume of approximately $26,836,374,438 per year.

We believe we can access 10% of the regional market which will allow for millions of dollars to be re-invested into our local health care and allow for us to create better health care for the residents of Niagara (us), while in the same breath creating millions of dollars in savings for the mortgage holders of Niagara creating an economic stimulus to our local economy.

We are leveraging the lucrative mortgage industry to be utilised in assisting in funding of our Niagara Health System. Currently there is a severe strain on resources and people are suffering and political leaders, like MPP Wayne Gates and MPP Sam Oosterhoff, have clearly outlined the need for re-investment in our health system and with Canada’s Major Financial Institutions with a 75% market share in the mortgage space, we can work jointly in mitigating risk for the consumer.  Recently, there has been significant backlash to, alleged, unscrupulous policies and business practices of Canada’s Major Financial Institutions.

Our expert knowledge of policies, outside the interest rate, saves our clients thousands of dollars on their mortgage and mitigates significant risk for severe financial loss to the consumer/citizen.

Niagara’s Community Mortgage Plan has saved many, many clients, significantly, on their mortgages while creating a steady stream of re-investment for our Niagara Health System. We urge you to make the right financial decision for your family by working with us but also please consider that in saving money on your mortgage, you are also directly responsible for building a Healthier Niagara! In our society, money is the difference between life and death.

Working with a reputable professional is easy as calling 800-969-0014 for a complimentary mortgage review or a quick email to

Together we can make a real difference!


Cameron Wilson





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