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5 Year Fixed Term Mortgage

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Trusted advice.


5 Year Fixed Term Mortgage

Lower Rates. Lower Penalties.

We get them competing for YOUR business. Saving our clients $1000s!

Niagara Regional – Community Mortgage Plan


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Cameron Wilson is committed to bringing you highly competitive rates and truly professional service. I chose to work as an independent mortgage agent, instead of working for a financial institution because my obligations are to my client, not the financial institution. By tailoring your mortgage, according to your needs, my clients are able to save thousands of dollars. If they had gone to their own financial institution, they can only be offered the products from that institution. I work with 20+ institutions, to find the lowest cost mortgage, tailored for you. Using an independent mortgage agent to help with your mortgage is completely free – sit back, relax and let us do the hard work for you. There is no charge at all, except in extreme credit cases (previous bankruptcy/consumer proposal). Best of all, our client’s mortgages provide funding for urgently needed medical equipment across all hospital sites in Niagara.


I believe in a Greater Niagara. I believe in challenging the Status Quo and because of this belief, I decided to partner with Niagara Health Foundation.  I had no idea that Hospitals in Niagara, like all Ontario hospitals, receive no funding from the government, through our tax dollars; for medical equipment (x-ray machines, beds, bandages, CT scan, defibrillators, heart monitors, etc). This concerns me of course, as I am from and my family and I live in Niagara. Plus, the situation, with an ageing and expanding population and Governments being billions of dollars in debt. When I learned all of this, I decided to create the Niagara Regional – Community Mortgage Plan.


Through this program, 5% of the gross revenue from my mortgage practice, is directed to Niagara Health Foundation to assist in obtaining the medical equipment needed, that protects our families, here in Niagara. With the residential mortgage market in Niagara, representing over an estimated, $268,000,000/year, our clients make all the difference in the world – thank you! It is very important to give back to people in the community you work in.

Canada’s #1 mortgage company – Dominion Lending Centres


We understand that buying a home is one of the most exciting times in one’s life. We also understand that is can also be a very comprehensive one.


On a yearly basis Dominion Lending Centres assists more than 100,000 Canadians place their mortgage with confidence and trust with Canada’s foremost lenders, savings them thousands of dollars on their mortgage. We are the Canada’s largest mortgage provider, including Big Banks, with more than $30,000,000,000 in mortgages provided annually to Canadian’s just like you!

Familiar Mortgage Products. Simply Better Advice.


Our low rates come from high volume and aren’t “no-frills” products where you can be harmed by excessive penalties, we watch your back! We have access to a vast array of mortgage options and will find the perfect fit for you.


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Lowest Rates for IRD penalties in Canada, Guaranteed.


We guarantee you the lowest (IRD) penalty calculations for fixed-rate products in Canada. You won’t find a lower fixed rate (IRD) penalty anywhere! Shop and Compare.  Why pay $17,000 when you can pay closer to $3,800 for breaking your mortgage before maturity (moving, refinancing, divorce, job loss, sick etc.). Believe it or not, Canadian’s on average break their mortgage over 60% of the time before the maturity date, triggering a penalty. In fact, based on the statistics, the difference in how these (IRD) penalties for fixed-rate mortgages are calculated between the different type of lenders, costs Niagara’s mortgage holders, over an estimated $150,000,000/yr!


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Exactly Why to Choose Dominion lending centres Cameron Wilson?

Here at Dominion lending centres Cameron Wilson we sincerely look at becoming a mortgage broker exceedingly earnestly. We all know that undeniably any time consumers are looking to find an exceptional mortgage broker in St Catharines that cares these people desire the finest. That's why we all strive to stay the slickest mortgage broker we can possibly be in Ontario. It is our dedication to truly staying the ideal that has won all of us such substantial esteem with each of our consumers.

Being an exceptional mortgage broker in St Catharines that cares we furthermore invariably aim to make time to hear each of our customers questions with patience and with no judgment. We all invariably make an effort. All of us believe it's genuinely essential to ensure consumers feel really valued and also taken care of.

Certainly, there are usually not very many mortgage broker who have the particular expertise plus track record to label themselves as a front runner inside their industry. Combine this with our very high degree of consumer assistance and truly we feel we are the perfect exceptional mortgage broker in St Catharines that cares in Ontario.

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We'll be thrilled to explore all your mortgage broker inquiries in greater detail over the phone or maybe by way of e-mail if this works better for your needs. From there we can suggest the remedy which most effective meets your current needs. See precisely why people describe us as one of the best exceptional mortgage broker in St Catharines that cares!

Still Want Persuading? Some Other Reasons Why Dominion lending centres Cameron Wilson is certainly An Exceptional Mortgage Broker In St Catharines That Cares

Dedication to Excellence - An Exceptional Mortgage Broker In St Catharines That Cares and An Exceptional Mortgage Broker In St Catharines That Cares

Our dedication to quality is definitely remarkably high. In case you're attempting to be an exceptional mortgage broker in St Catharines that cares or an exceptional mortgage broker in St Catharines that cares, there is certainly seriously not one other alternative but to do your very best in order to exceed expectations. If a specified customer requires more effort, all of us supply that purchaser additional attention. Whatever's necessary for us to be certain they are pleased with all of us as a mortgage broker. Know, we work with pretty much all of Ontario, therefore don't hesitate to get in touch.

Commitment - An Exceptional Mortgage Broker In St Catharines That Cares and An Exceptional Mortgage Broker In St Catharines That Cares

Some purchasers have occasionally mentioned us all as an exceptional mortgage broker in St Catharines that cares, an exceptional mortgage broker in St Catharines that cares, an exceptional mortgage broker in St Catharines that cares combined with the leading Ontario situated mortgage broker there is! This won't just happen unless there's exceptionally hard toil plus investment in the businesses clients and also the top quality inherent within your finished work. If you'll be searching to obtain an exceptional mortgage broker in St Catharines that cares, we truly feel we are the perfect solution. Call Dominion lending centres Cameron Wilson to explore your requirements today! 289-990-4035.

Knowledge - An Exceptional Mortgage Broker In St Catharines That Cares and An Exceptional Mortgage Broker In St Catharines That Cares

Within virtually any niche, experience can be a primary issue when it comes to success. When you might be needing an exceptional mortgage broker in St Catharines that cares, this point is definitely more real. As a mortgage broker, we all will show anyone in person that the ultimate quality is determined simply by the previous experience of the corporation that you've been employing. The excessively significant level of practical experience that Dominion lending centres Cameron Wilson has got being an exceptional mortgage broker in St Catharines that cares, is precisely why you actually should trust us all with your invaluable requirements. If perhaps you might be searching for an exceptional mortgage broker in St Catharines that cares, look into Dominion lending centres Cameron Wilson. Please speak to us immediately.

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Figuring out exactly which mortgage broker to hire is a crucial endeavor. Make a thought out selection. Shouldn't you call us all with zero expectation to check out on your own if we are actually the optimal mortgage broker for your criteria.

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